10jan08 png1280x1024
Pixel with a new hairstyle.

23feb08 png1280x1024
Ethnic diversity with a flamethrower.

29feb08 png1280x1024
Nobody expects Refelian!

02mar08 png1280x1024
25apr08 png1280x1024
Alexi makes the warning sign all his own.

29apr08 png1280x1024

09may11 png1920x1200
This gun could blow your head clean off.
CP Well
03nov07 png1280x1024
Count 'em...
CTF Well
02feb08 png1280x1024
Hang on...
26dec07 png1280x1024
How not to defend.

04feb08 png1280x1024
Bloody engineers.

24feb08 png1280x1024
And the SG has a kill!

29apr08 png1280x1024
Good SG placement to shut down pyro raiders.
17jan08 png1280x1024
Hull-down SG placement.
08mar08 png1280x1024
Ambush position.
09jun11 png1920x1200
Too much drink - I'm seeing quadruple.
17may08 png1280x1024
I'd love to know how they got up there.

21may08 png1280x1024
Killed by a sentry I sapped.
May 27th Madness
27may08 png1280x1024
Engineer ho-down!

27may08 png1280x1024
Now that's a paintstripper.

27may08 png1280x1024
Industrial accidents may occur.

27may08 png1280x1024
You have NO idea what we went through to get that done :-)
20jun11 png1920x1200
I have no idea how to get up there.

14may11 png1920x1200
Strong SG placement.

16may11 png1920x1200
The Heavies Social Sandvich Club.

19jun11 png1920x1200
An actual flaming pile of corpses.
18jun11 png1920x1200
Fear the new rocket shotgun!

18jul11 png1920x1200
I reckon it's about 4pm, if that leg isn't slow..